Clean Your Analytics… Design With Sense

Product Design Strategy

Our Client 

A large publisher begins the process of rebranding and redesigning. Rather than starting with a traditional discovery, how do they use data and analytics to inform reader consumption habits and strong design? How can they establish KPIs the team can agree upon and use data to drive user experience decisions in increments and continually? 

Their Challenge 

They grew organically and accumulated multiple analytics systems that didn’t provide a unified picture across business, product usage and advertising. They needed to proceed as a team with a common way to measure and inform the coming redesign of their entire digital experience. They needed a unified language of success that clearly tied business needs to user experience. 

The Solution 

Audit their analytics systems, correct all code across their digital properties to reflect the real usage, implement the correct configurations of Google Tag Manager and Tableau and unify the team on KPIs that are now measured correctly. With a baseline in place, use the data to create a new information architecture and content prioritization for the new redesign efforts.

Project highlights


Audit & Set KPIs 

The client had five data systems covering revenue, sales and site usage but none telling a complete picture. We audited all systems, recommended which to use moving forward, and worked with the executive team to establish and measure the correct KPI’s moving forward. By simplifying KPIs, we established a user-friendly executive dashboard. 


Correct Errors & Set Content Priorities 

The audit uncovers legacy code, unnecessary tags and improper implementation of analytics code throughout the website. This blinds executives to real insight, and impacts optimization and speed of the website. We corrected the code. We used the new data to establish data-driven content and feature priorities across multiple breakpoints and device experiences.  


Exec Dashboard & Information Architecture 

With clean data, we established an executive dashboard using Tableau, DFP, and Google that allows them to grow and explore new ways to dissect business questions. Clean data also set the foundation for data driven information architecture. Everything from nomenclature to navigational pathing, data brought the team together regarding IA for the redesign.

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