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Our Client 

A Fortune 500 publisher helps a large network of small business owners with advertising and marketing services. How can they empower small business owners with real insights? How can you prove value for these clients? How do you help a small business owner drive their business with access to simplified campaign data? 

Their Customer 

As a small business own every penny counts and while I should be spending up to 8% of my top line on marketing and advertising, I generally don’t know if my spend is working.  The only indicator I have is Quickbooks at the end of every month. Can you help suggest who to target and make it easy for me to reach the right people with my services? 

The Solution 

Create a self-serve turnkey application for current and new small business customers. Simplify ad creation and management across Google, Facebook and internal inventory. Provide simple Data insights on new small business owner’s customers and track follow through using proximity beacons in-store.

Project highlights


Ask the Customer / Ask the Client 

How will this make money and will it satisfy customer needs?  We evaluated sales figures, hardware costs, determined capex and opex and planned out a 4 year plan to set internal expectations. Likewise we surveyed and interviewed over 100 small business owners to truly get an understanding of what a product must do to help them. 


Architect the Experience 

By architecting content to be simple to interpret, manipulate, and navigate, we deeply simplified the ad creation process while showing insights to small business owners.  Working onsite, we architected and designed the product in iteration and with speed. Change is a given during product creation, and our organized methods kept execs and staff on the same page always.  



In no time, we created a responsive product that tied into four advertising platforms, normalized their data, and brought insights to both the Publisher and their small business owners alike. The product gives the publisher an ability to sell direct, white label and ultimately put reoccurring ad management needs in the hands of people who need it, their customers.

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