Architecting Good Design, User Centered Road Maps

Customer Research Experience Design Roadmapping Strategy

Our Client 

The American Institute of Architects advocates for the value of architecture and give architects and 94,000 members the resources they need to do their best work. is an instrumental component of AIA’s ability to reach their audience. And with a highly varied audience internal and external, AIA needs to be methodical in program/product decisions for

Their Challenge

Evolve into a stronger website for members and architects alike while maintaining AIA’s brand strength and not reinventing the wheel (redesigning). AIA grew into their website organically as many organizations do. However, this impacts how they create new content, how their content is managed, and how architects are reached.

The Solution 

Listen to their users. Users in this case were engaged and non-engaged members, non-members, and students. Internally we listened to executives, representatives from every department, many chapters large and small, and member groups. All of this culminated in a one year roadmap for strategic direction and improvement.

Project highlights

Ask the Customer / Ask the Client 

Vindicati conducted guided discussions with over 200 people to uncover and evaluate patterns. With an organization as large as AIA, patterns were grouped into public facing user experience, content management experience and marketing experience. Interviews and focus groups were facilitated over a six month period.

How This Helped

By listening to a large sample of participants, Vindicati set a strategy for improvement that was based on analysis of website data as well as tone and patterns from participants. AIA could understand major needs as well as low hanging fruit for improvement. This clarity helped the organization agree to an approach and improve methodically.

Finale, sort of

Using our recommendations, AIA is working with Vindicati to improve their website from the inside out. Incremental improvements will allow them to test simple personalization efforts, improve search, rethink content and how it supports members as well as improve content management.

Project numbers

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